First step in the South Florida remodeling process

South Florida Remodeling: A 5-Step Process

South Florida remodeling entails many things, from home additions to basement finishing to kitchen and bathroom renovations. Regardless of which service you require of us, the renovation experts at Complete Construction & Management, Inc. will always treat your remodeling project on an individual basis, customizing your plan to meet your needs. Here is exactly how we do

Panoramic window design

Finding the Right Window Design for Your Home

Window design often gets lost somewhere in between roofing, electrical engineering, HVAC, and everything else that custom home building entails. Nevertheless, it is an extremely important part of the overall design process. Windows are not only practical, providing the right insulation and security. They are also aesthetic and have the potential to add a unique

Installing paving stones on concrete

How to Install Paving Stones on Concrete

How to Install Paving Stones on Concrete There is no doubt that, when it comes to custom paving in South Florida, paving stones reign supreme over both asphalt and concrete. However, you don’t have to rule out either of these materials completely. You can install paving stones on concrete, and here’s your guide on how

Using home automation to set temperature

Home Automation & Custom Home Design

2015 is well under way, bringing with it exciting new innovations in custom home construction. And it all has to do with one aspect: technology. Technology is constantly making advances, providing homeowners with new avenues for luxury, comfort and convenience. And nothing epitomizes this fact more than the technological advances that have been made in home automation.

3D rendering of a modular home

What are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are a subtype of prefab home that is constructed out of “modules” (as opposed to sections or panels). Each module comes mostly or completely pre-built, but like prefabs they differ from mobile homes. They are transported differently, governed by different building codes, and — most importantly  — are much more amenable to the art and science

Make your house stand out like this one!

3 Ways to Make Your House Stand Out

In a dull, boring black-and-white world, you want to fill your house with vibrant colors — in other words, you want to make your house stand out. No one wants to be a part of the “Stepford” community where everything looks the same. For many people, one single house is all they get in life. So

Custom home or model home?

Custom Homes vs. Model Homes

Custom homes are great, and of course we as South Florida custom home builders are not without our own opinion on this subject! But are they for everyone? Between the time, cost and energy of building a custom house, some may lean toward model homes instead. Deciding Between Model & Custom Homes Thanks to for providing the inspiration

Home remodeling with fiberglass doors offer the best bang for your buck

Home Remodeling in 2015: The Best Bang for Your Buck

We’ve made our predictions about what custom home construction will look like in 2015, but the other side of the coin is home remodeling. Even after homeowners have designed and built their dream house, chances are they will need some kind of post-construction service. Whether it’s for repairs, additions or whole redesigns, these services serve

Custom Beach House in Highland Beach, Florida

Designing Your Custom Beach House

            Take the art of custom home building, combine it with beautiful sunny South Florida…and the result is a custom beach house. These houses, both primary homes and “snowbirds’” second homes, populate the whole Atlantic shoreline up and down route A1A. Everyone in Florida dreams of owning one of these

Dark and wet basement

Wet Basements: Problems & Solutions

There are few things in life more nerve-wracking than a wet basement. By “wet,” we don’t necessarily mean a basement that has flooded. That would be stressful enough, yet easy to fix with a wet vacuum. Rather, wet means damp — just wet enough to cause odors and mold, yet not enough to easily fix with