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Modern and practical custom bathroom.

Some Awesome, Practical Custom Home Building Ideas

When designing the custom home of your dreams, it is often easy to overlook the absolute necessity of practicality. You may be so overwhelmed with aesthetic ideas that you forget to include important features that will make your home all the more livable for you and your family. Listed below are several tips and tricks

Adding texture and color to concrete.

Making Concrete Less Boring – Easier Than You’d Think!

A beautiful home perched atop a mound of crispy dead grass or a pile of weed-ridden and broken up concrete is like a jaw-dropping masterpiece sitting sadly in a termite-eaten, dirty old frame. Once your home has been remodeled, it undeniably deserves to be surrounded by the beauty it so effortlessly exudes. Fortunately, we at

Interior decorating in a living room.

Interior Decorating Tips For Every Home

No doubt you have heard the expression, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” As your premier Southern Florida home contractors, we know that this is far from the whole truth. While the inside of your home is clearly important in both conveying a sense of serenity to those inhabiting it, the outside is equally

Home building process

Home Building: What You Should Know

Home building can be a very exciting experience for the new home owner. Especially if you have never owned a home before, there is something quite special about knowing that you live in a place you can truly call your own. At the same time, there is no denying the stress that comes along with

Wooden deck refinishing

Wooden Deck Refinishing & Cleaning

Do you want your deck to go from looking ordinary to great, or even from great to amazing? If so, this guide on wooden deck refinishing and cleaning is exactly what you need! Wood is the industry leader in outdoor deck design by a significant margin, but its primary drawback is its inevitable warping over time.

Hardwood Floor Installations

Hardwood floor installations are best done by a professional renovation and remodeling service. It’ll save you much time and frustration, not to mention the money spent in repairing damage all-too-often wrought by laypeople when attempting this extensive home renovation project. It’s one of the more difficult projects, requiring weeks’ worth of time and much patience.

HVAC repair and maintenance

HVAC Repair and Maintenance Tips

Heat may not be a top concern in the humid, muggy environment of South Florida, but central air conditioning certainly is! Your central air conditioner’s condensing unit, among other components of your Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, needs regular care in order to function properly. If you value cool air and comfort in your

Prevent weed growth

How to Prevent Weed Growth Between Pavers

If you ave installed paving stones on your driveway, walkway or patio, your pavers already look more magnificent than anyone else’s. Interlocking paving stones have a significant elegance about them, and you will want to keep them looking that way. That’s why it is so important to prevent weed growth between your pavers to ensure they stay flush and

Sale after interior home repair

Interior Home Repair: Investing for Resale

Are you thinking about reselling your home? Whether it’s for now or you are planing ahead, it’s always a smart decision to invest in interior home repair. Practical (rather than aesthetic) remodeling projects demand the highest return on investment, and home repair is no different. It goes without saying that a dilapidated house will turn

Modern walk-in closet design

3 Closet Designs for Your Luxury Bedroom

Are you contemplating a new or renovated closet design? Do you know where or how to begin? Don’t accept half-measures! Closets are an extremely important part of the bedroom, providing a unique and personal space for not only clothes, but a wide variety of other things. Make sure your closet is consistent with your style, budget