Floor Plans for the South Florida Custom Home Owner

Choosing a floor plan is an exciting part of the custom home construction and design process. It is here that we truly begin to customize your house and everything in it to your individual needs. There’s an appropriate floor plan for nearly every South Florida home owner, from retirees to the inhabitants of a luxury beach house. Which is the one that is right for you?

4 Custom Home Floor Plans

While each can be tailored and customized on an individual basis, these plans generally come in 4 forms…

Ranch floor planThe Ranch Floor Plan

Ranches come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: a single floor. To the left you will see a rather small ranch that outlines where each room is. What might be called “functional rooms” (kitchen, living room, office, etc.) are usually located on one side, while “residential” ones (bathroom and bedrooms) are on another. A master bedroom, when there is one, usually has its own proper wing in the house.

The 1.5 Story Floor Plan

Also known as a “1-1/2 story,” “farm ranch,” or “cape cod ranch,” these plans are a rarity but may be highly sought after by opulent bachelors, young newlyweds and the like. They are essentially minimized ranches with a master suite on the first floor and then secondary bedrooms (i.e. guest bedrooms) on the second.

Two story floor planThe Two Story Floor Plan

Two story houses are more of a commonality today and will generally comprise a living area with bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, and living room on the first floor. All bedrooms, including the master bedroom, are located on the second floor. Two story homes are highly versatile and, as pictured on the right, can include multiple rooms that are identical in form but very different in function. Each “living room” can be different, with one housing a TV and entertainment center, another being a study or office, and yet another a billiard room.

The Multi-Level Floor Plan

The multi-level home is less of a proper design than it is an umbrella term for homes that comprise more than two stories. They include:

  • Split-Level/Foyer – Split-level or split-foyer homes are made up of a small middle story that incorporates the foyer, but usually nothing else. Rather, the foyer sits at the center between a lower and upper level, with the upper level housing all bedrooms and the lower one housing the kitchen and living rooms.
  • High Ranch – High ranch floor plans are generally identical to ranches except they incorporate a smaller lower level which isn’t a proper story, but still more than a ranch. These floors usually house the garage as well as a lower living room, which are apposite to houses that sit on steeply sloping hills and declines.
  • Tri-Level Homes – Tri-levels house 3 or more stories, usually with the master bedroom or suite taking up an entire floor on its own. The lower levels include smaller bedrooms, living rooms, half baths, and the kitchen.