Boca Raton Custom Paving

Custom Luxury Home Pavers of Palm Beach

For over 20 years, Complete Construction and Management has upheld superior work and craftsmanship as the number on Boca Raton custom paving service. Whether you’re looking to compliment your new luxury home construction or add some aesthetics to your yard, call CCM at 561.436.3679 for a free estimate today!

Boca Raton Custom Paving | Call 561.436.3679 Today!

More and more homeowners are coming to realize the value that custom paving can add to their custom home construction. Especially in Boca Raton, custom paving is absolutely necessary to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family.

Our Boca Raton Custom Paving Services

Our decades of on-the-job experience and technical expertise allows us to offer Boca Raton custom paving services of any kind. Whether you want to install walkways, walls, driveways, patios, steps, parking lots, or outdoor kitchen and living space, CCM is your one stop shop for any custom paving services you can imagine.

Boca Raton Custom Paving | Retaining Walls & Freestanding Walls

Hardscape paver walls can be functional, aesthetic, or both. If your Boca Raton luxury home contains intricate landscaping or gardening, retaining walls will hold up the soil and gardenwork. We use finely crafted, advanced materials for our hardscape paving. With dozens of hardscape styles to choose from, freestanding or retaining walls can add immense beauty to your landscape!

Boca Raton Custom Paving | Walks, Driveways & Patios

We never take fine details for granted when it comes to Boca Raton luxury home building. To make sure your hardscape pavers meet nothing less than your full satisfaction, we keep you intimately involved during the pre-construction and pre-design process of our custom paving services. With your creative vision and superior craftsmanship, there is no Boca Raton custom paving project we cannot accomplish!

Why Choose CCM for Boca Raton Custom Paving?

How do CCM Boca Raton custom pavers compare to the competition? Unlike others, we use Tuscany paving stones rather than concrete or asphalt for our custom paving. These exceed the competition, preserving the beauty of your landscape for a lifetime! Our Boca Raton custom pavement hardscapes guarantee:

  • No cracking or breaking!
  • Will last for a lifetime!
  • Increased beauty and property value!
  • Built from environmentally safe materials!
  • No more expensive than stamped concrete!
  • Custom design with dozens of colors and styles!

CCM goes above and beyond in our Boca Raton custom paving services, providing nothing less that superior quality, craft and professionalism. Call us today at 561.436.3679!