Highland Beach Custom Paving

Custom Luxury Home Pavers of Palm Beach

Residents of Highland Beach are no stranger to the luxury of custom built homes. Its luxury homes are certainly a sight to behold, but the elegance does not stop at the front door. Whether overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Ocean or Florida’s beautiful intracoastal, Highland Beach luxury homes wouldn’t be luxury homes unless the charm of exterior matched that of the interior. If you are looking for some hardscapes and pavers to compliment what’s inside your Highland Beach home, then CCM is the Highland Beach custom paving service for you!

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With 20+ years of award-winning experience in Highland Beach custom paving, CCM is your one stop shop for landscaping, paving, and outdoor installation. When you call CCM for pavement hardscapes, we guarantee not only our quality, workmanship and professionalism, but also customer service that is second to none.

Our Highland Beach Custom Paving Services

We offer numerous custom paving services that will beautify and add value to your property. Whether CCM has completed your custom home construction or you are only interested in outdoor paving, there is always something to be said about enhancing your outdoors. Our custom paving services include:

  • Concrete freestanding/retaining walls to segment your landscape
  • Outdoor kitchen or residential area installation
  • Interlocking pavers for driveways, parking lots, steps and walkways
  • Custom built residential patios
  • Stonework & landscaping

Why Choose CCM for Your Highland Beach Custom Paving?

CCM is proud to utilize industry-leading Tuscany paving stones that are second to none. We want you to have a valuable, long-lasting custom paving experience. That’s why we don’t use second-rate hardscapes and pavers such as concrete or asphalt. Out paving stones guarantee:

  • A lifetime without cracks or decays!
  • To increase your property value!
  • Environmentally-sound construction and installation!
  • Fair and affordable price!
  • Variety of colors and styles for true custom paving!

For experience, true craft and an exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction, there’s no question whom you should seek for Highland Beach custom paving. Have CCM custom pave your home by calling 561.436.3679 today!