Highland Beach Renovations & Additions

Upscale Renovation & Remodeling in South Florida

Highland Beach Renovations & Home Additions

Highland Beach renovations and home additions are made easy with Complete Construction & Management. We have over 20 years of remodeling experience and technical expertise, but only you know how your dream remodeling project should look. The quality of our work, combined with your remodeling/renovation vision, has the power to upgrade and refurbish your home in ways you never thought possible!

The Highland Beach Renovation Process

Whether you want bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation or an entirely new home addition, you cannot go wrong by choosing CCM. Years spent as the #1 custom home contractor in South Florida will serve you well when you expedite your permit acquisition process. Before we do this, however, we ascertain what your exact wants and needs are. After all, renovations, remodeling and home additions are all about you!

We begin by listening very carefully to your goals and asking a variety of questions so as to determine how we can meet your needs. Then, we walk your house and draw up a detailed blueprint that is custom designed for your specific project. When we proceed with the remodeling process, cleaning up any mess we create as we go along. You will only remember us by the quality and craftsmanship of your newly remodeled home!

Remodeling in Highland Beach

Both bathroom and kitchen remodeling are perfect ways to revitalize your home. No matter how your home looks right now, you will never ceased to be amazed at what CCM can help you do to it.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

  • Retiling:
    • Countertops
    • Floors
    • Tables
  • Redesigning cabinets & drawers
  • Installing & remodeling countertops with:
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Stainless steel
    • Limestone
  • Installing new racks & drawers

Bathroom Remodeling Services

  • Fixture & shower head installation
  • Shower retiling
  • Floor retiling
  • Painting & repainting

Home Additions in Highland Beach

Home additions are an equally important part of renovations in Highland Beach. In this magnificent community, any luxury home that does not look over the Atlantic shoreline every day has lost much of its potential. With CCM, you can install a balcony, porch, deck, or an entirely new section of your home. The possibilities are endless with the #1 Highland Beach renovation service!

Complete Construction & Management is your one-stop shop for renovations of the highest quality quality, with unsurpassed expertise and commitment to your satisfaction. For all your renovation needs in Highland Beach, call CCM at 561-436-3679 today!