Lake Worth Renovations & Additions

Upscale Renovation & Remodeling in South Florida

Lake Worth Renovations & Home Additions

Newly constructed home addition in Lake Worth

Newly constructed home addition in Lake Worth, Florida.

Renovation and home addition in Lake Worth can be more than the simple act of putting a few nails to plywood. With CCM, it is the process of reinvigorating your entire luxury home, taking your vision and combining it with our home remodeling expertise. Together, we are able to breath new life into the place you live, refurbishing and revitalizing it what you ever dreamt to be possible!

The Lake Worth Renovation Process

As the #1 South Florida custom home builder, CCM is well equipped to handle any renovation and/or home addition task. Whether you want to remodel your living space, add a new patio or renovate an entire section of your house, you cannot go wrong with our 20+ years of experience in this area.

The Lake Worth renovation process begins with you and how the experts at CCM can meet your needs. To determine exactly what you want your project to entail, we listen very closely to you and then walk through your house to design a detailed outline just for your customized wants and needs.

When we begin remodeling or constructing, we make sure to be respectful and clean up any messes we create in the process. We also take care of planning, obtaining permits, and every other detail that can be expedited with CCM performing your renovation.

Our Renovation & Remodeling Services

Our renovation and remodeling services in Lake Worth are vast, including expansive kitchen and bathroom projects as well as:

  • Basement Finishes & Remodeling
  • Property Damage Remediation
  • Roofing
  • Room Additions
  • Siding
  • Whole House Remodeling
  • Window & Door Replacement

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Floor, countertop & tabletop retiling
  • Cabinet redesign to maximize space
  • Countertop remodeling with:
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Stainless steel
    • Limestone
  • New rack and/or drawer installation

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Bathroom vanity installation & redesign
  • Fixture & shower head installation
  • Floor & shower retiling
  • Adding color & unique design for revitalization

Look no further than Complete Construction & Management for quality Lake Worth renovation and remodeling. Have your renovation needs met with unparalleled customer satisfaction — call 561-436-3679 today!