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Modern bathroom design

Bathroom Design Tips & Ideas

Whether you are remodeling, adding an addition or having your custom home built from scratch, it is important not to neglect bathroom design! While neither as exciting nor as conspicuous as your kitchen design, bathrooms are nevertheless quite personal. Adding a touch of luxury and designing one consistent with your own style and personal taste can go a long way.

Designing Your Bathroom: Where to Start

As is the case with most architecture and design processes, your bathroom is best imagined as a whole rather than as a sum of its constituent parts. In other words, think of your entire bathroom design instead of your shower, then your toilet, then your fixtures, etc. Below, you will find 3 design ideas in their entirety, as well as their look, feel, style, and indications as to whether they are right for you.

“Rustic” Bathroom Design

If you are looking for a bathroom that is both simple and charming on the one hand, while also cozy and familiar on the other, then this design is right for you. “Rustic” (or “country”) bathrooms have an overall old-fashioned style about them, incorporating:

  • Fixtures made of natural wood and/or stone
  • Waste baskets made of wicker
  • Wooden cabinets

Color schemes used here range from dark orange to brown, and they are best complimented by a bathroom rich with natural light. So, consider this especially if your bathroom is flooded with sunlight and makes generous use of windows.

“Traditional” Bathroom Design

Where rustic bathrooms are old-fashioned in the sense that they have a sense of familiarity, traditional ones are old-fashioned in their elegance. This design is distinctly European in its aura, and heavily emanates nostalgia. It is more generous and perhaps ostentatious in appearance, using:

  • Brass faucets, knobs and shower heads
  • Oval-shaped mirrors/vanity mirrors
  • Porcelain tiles and tubs

It is not uncommon to decorate such a bathroom with wallpaper, as well as floral ornaments. There is no definite color scheme, but light, simple colors are recommended

“Modern” Bathroom Design

Finally, modern bathrooms have a distinctly “sleek” and “smooth” feel about them, with their:

  • Stone (marble or granite) countertops and tiles
  • Stainless steel knobs and sinks

Generally, color is used to accent certain focal points in the bathroom such as the sink, shower and/or bath. Countertops and/or floors may be dark, gray or black, but they are contrasted by the light colors used on the floor and wall. It is also common to add wall art for decoration, but the design is otherwise minimal ornamentation and a rather simplistic.

First step in the South Florida remodeling process

South Florida Remodeling: A 5-Step Process

South Florida remodeling entails many things, from home additions to basement finishing to kitchen and bathroom renovations. Regardless of which service you require of us, the renovation experts at Complete Construction & Management, Inc. will always treat your remodeling project on an individual basis, customizing your plan to meet your needs. Here is exactly how we do that!

The Process of South Florida Remodeling Projects

Each project comprises about 5 steps, and while each step is tailored to your desires as a client, organization and professionalism dictates that your home remodeling project be handled step by step as such:

1. Planning & Design

We begin by listening attentively to the entire description of your project, taking notes on each detail and dividing them into what you’d like to have and what you need. This helps us to maintain a good idea of the overall scope, as well as the individual products we will need to buy in order to make your dream become a reality.

2. Budgeting

Next, we will give you a free estimate of what your South Florida remodeling project will cost. If and when you decide to go through with it, we will discuss and determine your budgetary needs, using the notes we took in Step 1 as a reference. We always make sure to show you how home remodeling gives you the best bang for your buck, causing your home value to appreciate and giving you a bigger return on investment at resale.

3. Removing the Old

In South Florida remodeling as well as many other areas of life, destruction precedes creation. We remove the old before we build the new, and this necessitates getting rid of such components as old rugs, chipped paint, wiring, etc. This step often gets quite messy, and we make sure to remove anything fragile before we begin.

4. Building the New

We proceed with the construction phase of remodeling. Oftentimes, this step is quite intrusive. For instance, a contractor for kitchen remodeling will often work on your kitchen during the day, creating noise and perhaps even shutting off the power for safety reasons. We recommend that, for such projects, you look into staying at a hotel or with a friend or family member. We are always willing to be held accountable for on-site construction in the absence of homeowners, and we would be happy to install cameras for your peace of mind.

5. Cleaning & Completing

Finally, we make sure to remedy any messes we have created in the process (and there are often many). It is CCM’s guarantee that you find no chipped paint, no loose nail or screw after we are done. You will only remember us by the craftsmanship of what our South Florida remodeling services have left behind!

Home remodeling with fiberglass doors offer the best bang for your buck

Home Remodeling in 2015: The Best Bang for Your Buck

We’ve made our predictions about what custom home construction will look like in 2015, but the other side of the coin is home remodeling. Even after homeowners have designed and built their dream house, chances are they will need some kind of post-construction service. Whether it’s for repairs, additions or whole redesigns, these services serve the same function as custom home building: giving homeowners exactly what they want.

The State of Home Remodeling in 2015

More so than in the initial construction process, people are considering resale when they go about the remodeling process. Remodeling is an investment, a means to an end, whereas custom home building is an end in and of itself. This leads to the pertinent question of “which remodeling projects will offer me the best return on my investment?”

The Best Bang for Your Buck

The Chicago Tribune has actually already answered this question. Once home value appreciation, materials, and labor costs are factored in, only 5 home remodeling projects offer the best bang for buck:

  • 20-gauge steel front doors
  • Fiberglass front doors
  • Garage doors
  • Mid-price roof replacements
  • Vinyl siding

The Worst Bang for Your Buck

What about the worst returns on investment (ROI)? In 2015, they are deemed to be:

  • 2-story home additions
  • Bathroom remodeling (57% ROI)
  • Composite decking (72% ROI)
  • Major kitchen remodeling (69% ROI)
  • Master suite remodeling

Why the Difference?

Many will notice something peculiar about this report: the worst returns on investment actually have the highest demand, while the best ones are hardly appealing to the average homeowner. Actually, this is not an anomaly. The cost of these projects — the worst returns, incidentally the most luxury home remodeling projects — has long exceeded their value, and the lack of momentum in the real estate market has only made it worse.

Why don’t housing prices increase with gorgeous, luxury kitchen or bathroom remodeling? People simply aren’t interested in home remodeling without practical value, it seems. Contrast these with garage doors, for instance. Garage doors are a frequently needed home repair, but new ones delay this inevitable cost by a few years. The same can be said for roofing, siding and door replacements.

Doors, roofs and house siding may not be the most luxurious parts of remodeling, but they are the most pragmatic. At the same time, don’t let this discourage you from seeking out the luxury home you desire. You may get only a fraction of your investment back, but you cannot put a price on living in the house of your dreams.