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Custom home construction in 2015 - what will it look like?

What Will Custom Home Construction Look Like in 2015?

Custom home construction is an exciting and dynamic industry, always changing with the cultural, economic and aesthetic landscape it inhabits. Year after new year, it changes as new homeowners take a liking to new and upcoming trends. Now that 2014 is behind us, we at CCM are excited to see what this new year brings us. Here are our predictions for what custom home building will look like in 2015!

What Custom Home Construction Will Look Like in 2015

Going Green in 2015

First and foremost, it’s impossible to deny that more and people are going to make their home green in any way that they can. There’s no reason to doubt that this trend will continue in 2015, and not just for moral (i.e. environmental) reasons. There are also practical benefits to “going green”: some evidence suggests that green construction costs less and improves homeowner satisfaction.

It’s All About the Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the focal point of luxury home building. Why is this? Because it is both easy and highly desirable to incorporate an atmosphere of luxury into your bathroom. How else would you describe a jetted bubble bath, heated towel racks, and even an HDTV rack in the far corner? Many homeowners have recognized this potential in custom home construction, and many will continue to do so in 2015.

So Long Asphalt! So Long Concrete! Hello Pavers!

We can’t say that concrete and asphalt are “so 2014” — after all, paving stones have long been a staple of custom paving in South Florida. In 2015, it looks like this trend will be catching on elsewhere. More people realize that their pavement, driveways and walkways have been neglected for far too long. After all, why spend so much time and money beautifying the inside of your home only to pave your driveway with unattractive, cracking asphalt? Why put the effort into custom home construction only to have your outside as banal and commonplace as everyone else’s?

Each new year brings with it new opportunities: an unknown future waiting to be explored. For our part, we can’t wait to explore the exciting possibilities 2015 will bring for custom homes.

South Florida custom paving with paving stones

South Florida Custom Paving: Pavers vs. Concrete

South Florida custom paving is all about you — what we can do for your driveway, walkway or patio? At CCM, experience has taught us one thing about customer service: custom paving isn’t simply about short-term benefits such as up-front cost and aesthetics. It’s also about giving you pavement hardscapes that will add value and beauty for a lifetime.

Why We Use Pavers for South Florida Custom Paving

For this reason, we use paver hardscapes for our custom paving services. We have over two decades of experience in the South Florida custom paving industry which gives us the expertise to know which paving materials provide superior quality. Let’s have a look at how our custom paver stones compare to concrete alternatives.

Custom Paving With Concrete

Along with asphalt, concrete is one of the most popular methods used in South Florida custom paving. It’s also one of the materials that has been in use the longest. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using concrete:

Advantages of Paving With Concrete

It’s low cost per square foot makes concrete one of the cheapest options for South Florida custom paving. In addition, it has the advantage of familiarity and traditional paving appearance.

Disadvantages of Paving With Concrete

Concrete in South Florida custom paving example

Concrete will inevitably crack, which makes it a poor long-term choice for a South Florida custom paving project.

However, concrete is prone to cracking. There are multiple reasons it may crack, such as:

  • Heavy loads (such as large cars)
  • Concrete shrinks
  • Weather/changes in temperature causes expansion and contraction

The constant cracking of concrete is even more problematic for South Florida custom paving jobs because cracks occur at random. This requires multiple repairs at any given time, which makes it extremely difficult to preserve a uniform paving style and color.

Custom Paving With Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a newer and more aesthetic material that has become popular in South Florida custom paving. “Stamping” concrete refers to texturing or forming it into a pattern that less resembles concrete and more resembles bricks, stones, etc.

Advantages of Paving With Stamped Concrete

The primary advantage of stamped concrete is that it doesn’t look like concrete, which is often considered unattractive. This makes it not only better looking, but a more customizable option for South Florida custom paving.

Disadvantages of Paving With Stamped Concrete

As odd as it may seem, the benefits of concrete pavers lead to even more disadvantages than regular concrete. They are still prone to cracking, but it is even harder to patch the cracks while still maintaining color and style. This creates with irregularities in the concrete which are even less attractive than the patches and repairs in concrete.

Why Choose Custom Pavers for Your South Florida Custom Paving?

With custom pavers (a.k.a. paving stones), you get none of the problems with cracking and repairs that concrete and stamped concrete cause. Pavers are individual stones, which creates natural linkages and makes them less prone to cracking due to weather. They also provide these extra advantages:

  • Lifetime guarantee backed by warranty.
  • No wait after installation (unlike concrete, which must wait 3-5 days).
  • More customized appearance.
  • Extremely strong and durable.
  • If repairs are needed, individual stones can be replaced. This eliminates ugly cracks and patches.

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