The History & Tradition of South Florida Luxury Homes

South Florida luxury home using Mediterranean Revival

You don’t have to look hard to be amazed by magnificent South Florida luxury homes. Driving up and down Route A1A, it’s hard to miss the style and elegance packed into each individual house. There’s a wealth of history in every minor detail, and we don’t take that for granted!

South Florida Luxury Homes: Historical Styles

Have you ever seen an awe-inspiring luxury home and thought to yourself, “I’d love to live in that someday”? With Complete Construction & Management, that dream can come true. If you are looking to construct a brand-new South Florida luxury home, the rich tradition of South Florida architecture can be a good starting point. Here are four distinct styles that may serve as your inspiration.

Mediterranean Revival

Mediterranean revival luxury home in South Florida


  • Floor Plan: Rectangular
  • Height: One or Two-Story
  • Walls: Stuccoed
  • Roof: Tiled, Red/Rust/Auburn
  • Windows: Circular or Arch-shaped
  • Balconies: Grilled, Wood or Wrought-iron

Taking its inspiration from Spanish Renaissance palaces, Mediterranean revival architecture puts the luxury in South Florida luxury homes! It is a dynamic style, able to be simple yet also boasting balconies, keystones, columns, and ornamentation if desired.

Mission Revival

Mission San Diego de Alcala is a good example of Mission Revival

  • Walls: Stuccoed, Smooth, or Plastered
  • Roof: Tiled, Hipped or Gabled, with overhanging eaves
  • Windows: Arched, Round or Quatrefoil
  • Balconies: Parapets
  • Porches & Walkways: Covered exterior walkways with pediments and/or colonnades

Mission Revival is a South Florida luxury home style for those who appreciate subtlety. What it lacks in extravagance at first look, it more than makes up for when you walk through the doors. Notable for its incorporation of courtyards and open-air arcades, Mission Revival allows you to truly enjoy the great outdoors of sunny South Florida!

Spanish Colonial Revival

example of Spanish Colonial style used in many South Florida luxury homes


  • Walls: Smooth, Stuccoed, Plastered
  • Roof: Flat or Low-pitched, often clay-tiled
  • Windows: Casement or Double Hung, with canvas awning overhangs
  • Balconies:
  • Porches & Balconies: Small, wood, plaster or iron-trimmed
  • Chimneys: Stuccoed, located in gable peaks

Like the Mission Revival style that derives from it, Spanish Colonial Revival are known to be more subtle than lavish. Nevertheless, Spanish Colonial Revival is noticably the more exquisite of the two, and makes for a great compliment to custom landscaping outside your South Florida luxury home.

Spanish Eclectic

South Florida luxury home modeled after Spanish eclectic style

  • Walls: White, Stuccoed
  • Roof: Terracotta, Red/Earthy-tone
  • Windows:
  • Balconies: Large, with wrought-iron grilles
  • Porches: Archways, open-air patios, arcades and courtyards

Spanish Eclectic is what characterizes many South Florida luxury homes. It’s beautiful and exquisite arcades and courtyards will make you feel like a Greek or Roman aristocrat. Fine plaster and painting are shared throughout, from front to back and everywhere in between.