Tips for Custom Home Remodeling

custom home remodeling process

Remodeling is a constant need for owners of custom built homes everywhere. It’s pragmatic when it’s truly necessary, but it’s also a sound financial investment, as it can add to your property value come resale! CCM wants to make your custom home remodeling experience as simple and costless as possible. However, there is a smart way and an ineffective way to go about it. Here are some tips for your custom home remodeling project.

Stick With The Plan

No custom home remodeling ever goes exactly according to plan, and we do our best to remain flexible and foresee these contingencies. However, it is important not to change your mind too much. This will not only mean higher costs and delayed scheduling. It also has the subtle effect of distracting you from your goal: a finished, custom-built luxury home. Every step taken off the road is one less step taken toward the destination. Therefore, it’s important to first envision your design, then implement it. As Thomas Edison once said, vision without execution is hallucination.

Be Custom, But Conventional

At CCM, we encourage you to let your imagination run wild! Only your creative vision can put the true custom in custom home remodeling! At the same time, there is something to be said for remaining aware of your neighborhood conventions. Smart homeowners will always be anticipating re-sale, and how your custom home conforms to your neighborhood can affect this. If you over-renovate, you won’t get the full value at re-sale. At the same time, under-renovating will actually decrease your property value.

Less is (Usually) More

One of the most common mistakes that people make in custom home remodeling is adding, adding, adding. To be sure, sometimes more space is required (for example, if you need to build another bedroom for a newborn child). However, it can be tempting to simply add new space instead of making use of what’s already there. Do you really need a separate breakfast nook, or can your effects fit comfortably in your kitchen as it is? Adding more unnecessary space is not only more expensive, but it can also decrease re-sale value.

Your House is Speaking to You…Listen To It!

During the custom home remodeling process, your house will be shouting at you and you must make sure to listen to it. It’s saying “Don’t put Corinthian columns in my Mediterranean Revival walkway!” Style exists, whether we recognize it or not. It’s the simplest law of the universe: harmony, not dissonance. Light with dark, stripes with solids, etc. Our job is to not only recognize style, but to also adapt to it.