Why Build a Custom Home in South Florida?

Exterior of custom beach house

If you have ever driven through Highway A1A and seen the beautiful, luxury mansions that look over the Atlantic shoreline, you know one thing: there is no shortage of upscale housing. Whether in Delray Beach or Highland Beach, this is true. So, you may be wondering why you should build a custom home in South Florida at all?

Aesthetic Considerations

The answer is quite simple: custom home building isn’t just about luxury. It’s also about getting exactly what you want in a luxury home. This is only guaranteed when you build a custom home in South Florida. Any other luxury home may look nice and have many features you like, but it may not be 100% to your wants and needs. The following are only a few examples of what we mean by this.

Floorplans & Layouts

Typical floorplan of a house

This is what the typical floorplan of a house might look like.

Blank floorplan of a custom home in South Florida

This is the floorplan of a custom home in South Florida.

Look at these two floorplans and the first thing you will notice is that one isn’t even a floorplan at all! And this is precisely the point. When you build a custom home in South Florida, you start from absolutely nothing. You get to customize each aspect of your house — from the tiniest detail — right from phase one.

Paving & Landscape

For truly luxury home construction, what’s outside is just as important as what’s inside. That’s why so many homeowners in South Florida are turning to custom paving and landscape. A particularly important area is driveway and walkway paving. Take this for example:

custom paversAmerican real estate. Luxury house exterior with brick trim

There is no question that both houses are upscale and beautiful, but only the left picture with interlocking custom pavers truly compliments the quality of the house.

Practical Considerations

There are dozens of practical advantages to building a custom home in South Florida, such as:

  • Particular needs of the homeowner such as wheelchair ramps
  • Better resale value
  • More flexibility on land usage

Green Construction

Finally, one specific practical consideration in the realm of South Florida home construction is how to your home green. In this area, there is no question that you get unparalleled advantages when you build a custom home in South Florida. When you have 100% control over the building process, you can determine everything from your energy source to more environment-friendly housing components. For example:

  • While pre-built homes come with certain appliances, you can install Energy STAR components.
  • Greener landscapes and garden work.
  • Many homeowners consider windmills unattractive and will therefore no sell a home that has them, but you have the option of installing them if you deem environmental concerns to be more important.
  • Installing solar panels.
  • Choosing natural gas as your energy source.