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Hardwood Floor Installations

Hardwood floor installations are best done by a professional renovation and remodeling service. It’ll save you much time and frustration, not to mention the money spent in repairing damage all-too-often wrought by laypeople when attempting this extensive home renovation project. It’s one of the more difficult projects, requiring weeks’ worth of time and much patience. However, it always pays off.

The Hardwood Floor Installation Process

Why install a hardwood floor? Being that they are much easier to vacuum, mop and clean, there are of course convenience factors to consider. But there is also something homely and old-fashioned about hardwood. It’s a bit nostalgic, and also a great long-term investment. To take just one example: imagine the plummeting resale value of a carpet that’s been stained and scratched by household pets!

Different hardwood floor installation texturesSelecting the Hardwood Floor

The first step in any hardwood floor installation is choosing  your flooring. There are a variety of different textures (pictured on the left), as well as stain colors, thickness and other options. Keep in mind that:

  1. Thickness depends on how the flooring is installed. Thicker floors are for completely new installations, while thinner ones work well over existing floors.
  2. Color and stain should depend on the lighting and exposure of the room. For instance, solid colors are not recommended in dimly lit areas, where the light will not compliment them.

Preparing for Installation

Next, the room will be measured in order to determine the cut and dimensions of your hardwood floor. Before we proceed, we must also take certain measures against the irritating squeaks and creeks that often accompany hardwood. We clean the sub-floor, fix a substrate on the joists, and install a small barrier between the floor and sub-floor that also prevents moisture from permeating the wood membranes.

Installing the Hardwood Floor

The last thing to be done before a hardwood floor installation is determining the layout. 4 out of 5 times, the floor is installed at a 90° angle to the joists, as the joists provide sturdiness this way. However, there are cases when we are able to install parallel to the joists (especially on the first story or on a ranch floor plan).

We lay several planks as according to the floor layout, starting from the inside and working our way out. This manner of installation is necessary because the last rows of wood will need to be top nailed, which requires pre-drilling and frequently nailing them in by hand. Before we finish, we always make sure to inspect your new hardwood floor installation for any marks or stains and repair them right then and there. We’ll even add some paint or a matching molding just for your pleasure!

Outdoor kitchen installation in South Florida

Outdoor Kitchen Installation Ideas

Florida is called the “Sunshine State” for a reason. If you are not soaking up the sun with a brand new outdoor kitchen installation, then you are simply taking South Florida for granted! Installing outdoor kitchens and residential areas is a core part of CCM’s exterior and outdoor paving services, and we have plenty of tips for you to design yours!

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Each outdoor area is different, so there are no rules set in stone. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for you to serve as a jumping-off point.


The first piece of outdoor kitchen installation you want to consider is your floor. Because you will be outdoors (and because it rains often in South Florida), you will want floors that are weatherproof (and relatively slip-proof on a wet surface) yet stylish at the same time. So, don’t go with wood. Instead, you will want one of the following:

  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Natural stone

Of these four, concrete is likely to be the most affordable. However, given the advantages of pavers vs concrete, we prefer natural Tuscany paving stones.

Setting the Atmosphere

When thinking about your outdoor kitchen installation, try to envision what mood/atmosphere you are trying to set. This comprises things such as lighting and heat, among others. As the outdoors are becoming a more popular place to hold parties and spend time with friends and family, more people are installing outdoor heating systems such as heat lamps or fireplaces and fire pits. If you opt to go the latter route, always make sure they are properly installed and in accordance with the law. From there, enjoy sitting around the fire and roasting your marshmallows!

Food & Drink

Finally, no outdoor kitchen installation would be complete without considering what it will actually do: serve as a kitchen-esque setting to eat and drink in. So, you must ask yourself: what exactly will you be doing out there? In addition to tables and chairs, here are some things to think about installing:

  • Wet bar
  • Kegerator
  • Prep station
  • Pizza oven
  • Microwave drawer
  • Pizza oven
  • Electric grill
  • Lobster boiler
  • Wash station
Floorplan for a home addition

Home Additions: Things to Consider

Like anything else in life that is fresh and new, home additions can be incredibly exciting. Whether you live in a model or custom home, there is always more to be done. With this said, it will also be worthwhile to take certain factors into account before you go through with building your addition — there are financial, logistical and practical matters to consider.

Planning & Design

First, you must be specific about what you want in your home addition. You will need to have a good idea of the size and scale of your project for the next step. And, in any case, the remodeling process will go much more smoothly if you are specific about your wants and needs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Your addition should add to and compliment your existing house, not contrast with it. Be consistent not only with size and color, but also with style and overall design.
  • In determining size, it’s a good idea to envision what you will do with your addition once it is completed. Look around your existing rooms and survey their use of space and how they are furnished.
  • Work with a professional architect/contractor. No matter what, there will usually be things you haven’t considered, and it never hurts to get professional advice.

Return on Investment

While no doubt a powerful, visceral experience, you should ultimately be getting the best bang for your buck from home remodeling. Economic conditions pose a major obstacle to getting a proper return on your investment. Unless you are completely willing to bear that cost, you should think twice about building a home addition.

Some things to consider here are:

  • Comparable market values: This is often difficult to ascertain, as no two homes are exactly alike. Nevertheless, do your research and talk to your contractor. Keep in mind that your comparison should control for location and size. Do you know anyone in your area with a home addition of similar scale? How much did it raise the market value of their house?
  • Funding: How you are going to fund your remodeling project is a huge factor to consider. This is important not only for you, but also for the future buyer of your home. How is the market looking right now — what is the prime rate, and what kind of home equity loans are available to you? How does your own mortgage compare to what is currently available?
    • Your Mortgage Rate < Available Mortgage Rates – If you’re paying less interest on your mortgage, consider taking out a home equity loan (assuming your credit is good).
    • Your Mortgage Rate > Available Mortgage Rates – If you’re paying more interest on your mortgage, you should definitely be considering refinancing.


Finally, how convenient will this project be for you? All people can be fickle, reneging on something they have already committed to. Don’t be insulted — we are all guilty of it! but make sure you have the time and patience that are necessary to see your project through from start to finish. If you have any big plans or don’t want too much disruption in your house, then you may want to hold off on your home addition (at least temporarily). Don’t worry, though. It will always be there when you want it!

First step in the South Florida remodeling process

South Florida Remodeling: A 5-Step Process

South Florida remodeling entails many things, from home additions to basement finishing to kitchen and bathroom renovations. Regardless of which service you require of us, the renovation experts at Complete Construction & Management, Inc. will always treat your remodeling project on an individual basis, customizing your plan to meet your needs. Here is exactly how we do that!

The Process of South Florida Remodeling Projects

Each project comprises about 5 steps, and while each step is tailored to your desires as a client, organization and professionalism dictates that your home remodeling project be handled step by step as such:

1. Planning & Design

We begin by listening attentively to the entire description of your project, taking notes on each detail and dividing them into what you’d like to have and what you need. This helps us to maintain a good idea of the overall scope, as well as the individual products we will need to buy in order to make your dream become a reality.

2. Budgeting

Next, we will give you a free estimate of what your South Florida remodeling project will cost. If and when you decide to go through with it, we will discuss and determine your budgetary needs, using the notes we took in Step 1 as a reference. We always make sure to show you how home remodeling gives you the best bang for your buck, causing your home value to appreciate and giving you a bigger return on investment at resale.

3. Removing the Old

In South Florida remodeling as well as many other areas of life, destruction precedes creation. We remove the old before we build the new, and this necessitates getting rid of such components as old rugs, chipped paint, wiring, etc. This step often gets quite messy, and we make sure to remove anything fragile before we begin.

4. Building the New

We proceed with the construction phase of remodeling. Oftentimes, this step is quite intrusive. For instance, a contractor for kitchen remodeling will often work on your kitchen during the day, creating noise and perhaps even shutting off the power for safety reasons. We recommend that, for such projects, you look into staying at a hotel or with a friend or family member. We are always willing to be held accountable for on-site construction in the absence of homeowners, and we would be happy to install cameras for your peace of mind.

5. Cleaning & Completing

Finally, we make sure to remedy any messes we have created in the process (and there are often many). It is CCM’s guarantee that you find no chipped paint, no loose nail or screw after we are done. You will only remember us by the craftsmanship of what our South Florida remodeling services have left behind!

Home remodeling with fiberglass doors offer the best bang for your buck

Home Remodeling in 2015: The Best Bang for Your Buck

We’ve made our predictions about what custom home construction will look like in 2015, but the other side of the coin is home remodeling. Even after homeowners have designed and built their dream house, chances are they will need some kind of post-construction service. Whether it’s for repairs, additions or whole redesigns, these services serve the same function as custom home building: giving homeowners exactly what they want.

The State of Home Remodeling in 2015

More so than in the initial construction process, people are considering resale when they go about the remodeling process. Remodeling is an investment, a means to an end, whereas custom home building is an end in and of itself. This leads to the pertinent question of “which remodeling projects will offer me the best return on my investment?”

The Best Bang for Your Buck

The Chicago Tribune has actually already answered this question. Once home value appreciation, materials, and labor costs are factored in, only 5 home remodeling projects offer the best bang for buck:

  • 20-gauge steel front doors
  • Fiberglass front doors
  • Garage doors
  • Mid-price roof replacements
  • Vinyl siding

The Worst Bang for Your Buck

What about the worst returns on investment (ROI)? In 2015, they are deemed to be:

  • 2-story home additions
  • Bathroom remodeling (57% ROI)
  • Composite decking (72% ROI)
  • Major kitchen remodeling (69% ROI)
  • Master suite remodeling

Why the Difference?

Many will notice something peculiar about this report: the worst returns on investment actually have the highest demand, while the best ones are hardly appealing to the average homeowner. Actually, this is not an anomaly. The cost of these projects — the worst returns, incidentally the most luxury home remodeling projects — has long exceeded their value, and the lack of momentum in the real estate market has only made it worse.

Why don’t housing prices increase with gorgeous, luxury kitchen or bathroom remodeling? People simply aren’t interested in home remodeling without practical value, it seems. Contrast these with garage doors, for instance. Garage doors are a frequently needed home repair, but new ones delay this inevitable cost by a few years. The same can be said for roofing, siding and door replacements.

Doors, roofs and house siding may not be the most luxurious parts of remodeling, but they are the most pragmatic. At the same time, don’t let this discourage you from seeking out the luxury home you desire. You may get only a fraction of your investment back, but you cannot put a price on living in the house of your dreams.

Blueprint of as-built home

Prefab Homes & South Florida Custom Home Building

Prefab homes (prefabricated homes or “prefabs”) are often associated with mobile homes, but they certainly have a place in South Florida custom home building. In fact, you might say they are the true method and style of custom home building! What are prefabs, and what makes them so special?

Prefab Homes & South Florida Custom Home Building

In a technical sense, prefab homes are manufactured off-site and then put together on-site. To illustrate, this is the traditional method of custom home building in South Florida:

traditional method of custom home building in South FloridaBy contrast, this is part of a prefab home that already has whole walls and rooms pre-built: Delivery of prefabricated wooden houseThis helps to distinguish prefab homes in South Florida from other ones. However, it tells us little about the difference between prefabs and mobile homes. Yet, as all upscale homeowners know, there is a big difference between luxury and mobile homes. The true difference comes from the style of prefabricated housing.

Prefab Homes & The Style of South Florida Custom Home Building

What truly distinguishes prefab homes in South Florida is not the way in which they are made. It is their style that distinguishes prefabs from transportable homes. Separately producing individual components of a custom home gives homeowners the option of a highly complex and modern design. The individual components can come in 3 primary varieties:

  1. Panels – individual pieces of the housing structure such as walls and floors.
  2. Modules – whole rooms that come pre-built.
  3. Sections – whole sections of a house that include entire rooms such as the master bedroom, closet, bathroom, etc.

The Advantages of Custom Building With Prefab Homes

For custom home builders in South Florida, the principal advantage is less work and effort. However, this doesn’t mean a decrease in the quality of your luxury home! There are many advantages that you may find interesting.


Stylistically, prefab homes make for both easier and more customizable design:

  • Easy Design: Many homeowners find it easier to design their custom home when they have the prefabricated building blocks right in front of them. They don’t have to imagine what a particular room will look like when it’s in front of their eyes.
  • Custom Design: Prefabs also allow South Florida homeowners to get more creative with their design. By streamlining the process, they allow you to choose one style for your bedroom, another for your bathroom, and yet another for your living room.

Green Construction

Prefab homes are also widely commended from their environmental friendliness. Having its components separately produced makes it easier to add green features after construction. For example, it is much easier to install solar panels on a prefab. There is also a growing trend of building entire prefabricated houses out of green materials. A good example of this is the luxury Perrinepod.

What You Should Know About Prefab Homes in South Florida

Prefabs come in many different shapes and sizes. They are a truly custom option for luxury home building in South Florida. However, because there are no two alike prefabs, there is no universal standard for building one.

Certain prefabs (or all prefab homes in general) are prohibited in neighborhoods and housing communities. Therefore, if you are interested in custom prefab home building in South Florida, make sure your contractor knows the local zoning and permit regulations.


kitchen remodeling in Boca West

Boca West Home Services

Boca West home services are a vital part of luxury living in this beautiful Boca Raton development. Even if CCM did not build your house, we are here to service anything it needs at any time. This includes renovation, remodeling, home repair, maintenance, and more!

Boca West Home Improvement Services

Boca West is a a planned development and country club in the South Florida paradise of Boca Raton. For the 3,000 people that call it home, renovation, maintenance and repair are absolute necessities. Nothing spoils life in your luxury house like a light that needs repair or a faucet that’s leaking. Fortunately, CCM is here to attend to anything your home needs.

Boca West Renovation Renovation & Remodeling

Renovation and remodeling are at the core of the Boca West home improvement services that CCM offers. We can repair or renew your old home, add something new, or both! Two of the most popular home services requested in Boca West are kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Here is what we can do for your kitchen and/or bathroom.

Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling in Boca West

Boca West kitchen remodeling with CCM can make your kitchen look like revitalized and personal!

CCM will help you update or refurbish your kitchen. Some ideas for your Boca West kitchen remodeling are:

  • Add mosaic tiles
  • For more sophisticated countertops, remodel them with granite or marble
  • For more stylish countertops, remodel them with stainless steel or limestone
  • Install racks and drawers for all your utensils and cookware
  • Maximize storage space with your cabinets
  • Choose vibrant colors to make your kitchen unique and personal

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is also a core Boca West home service that CCM provides. Some of our most popular bathroom remodeling services include:

  • Environmentally efficient plumbing fixtures and shower heads
  • Double vanities to add more storage
  • Retiling your bathroom floor
  • Stone or granite tiles for your shower
  • Adding color and panache to your counter and walls to make your bathroom truly elegant

Boca West Home Repair & Maintenance

Home repair and maintenance are another type of our Boca West home services. They can be just as vital as kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling. For Boca West home repair and maintenance, we can fix, maintain or repair any part of your house.

Boca West Home Repair

home repair in Boca West

Whether it’s repair or home additions, CCM will take care of all your Boca West home service needs!

Our Boca West home repairs are always convenient and efficient, and we get your home running in tip-top shape in no time. Here are some of the most popular home repairs we offer:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Plumbing repair
  • Retiling
  • Window and door repair

No matter how bad you think your home might be, we work hard to return it to the luxury home of your dreams!

Boca West Home Maintenance

With our home maintenance in Boca West, we can improve or upgrade your home in any way you wish. This often means:

  • Building patios, decks and walkways
  • Hurricane-proofing your windows and doors with impact resistant material
  • Landscaping you exterior
  • Making your home more environmentally and energy efficient.
  • Repainting and re-tiling any area of your house.
custom home remodeling process

Tips for Custom Home Remodeling

Remodeling is a constant need for owners of custom built homes everywhere. It’s pragmatic when it’s truly necessary, but it’s also a sound financial investment, as it can add to your property value come resale! CCM wants to make your custom home remodeling experience as simple and costless as possible. However, there is a smart way and an ineffective way to go about it. Here are some tips for your custom home remodeling project.

Stick With The Plan

No custom home remodeling ever goes exactly according to plan, and we do our best to remain flexible and foresee these contingencies. However, it is important not to change your mind too much. This will not only mean higher costs and delayed scheduling. It also has the subtle effect of distracting you from your goal: a finished, custom-built luxury home. Every step taken off the road is one less step taken toward the destination. Therefore, it’s important to first envision your design, then implement it. As Thomas Edison once said, vision without execution is hallucination.

Be Custom, But Conventional

At CCM, we encourage you to let your imagination run wild! Only your creative vision can put the true custom in custom home remodeling! At the same time, there is something to be said for remaining aware of your neighborhood conventions. Smart homeowners will always be anticipating re-sale, and how your custom home conforms to your neighborhood can affect this. If you over-renovate, you won’t get the full value at re-sale. At the same time, under-renovating will actually decrease your property value.

Less is (Usually) More

One of the most common mistakes that people make in custom home remodeling is adding, adding, adding. To be sure, sometimes more space is required (for example, if you need to build another bedroom for a newborn child). However, it can be tempting to simply add new space instead of making use of what’s already there. Do you really need a separate breakfast nook, or can your effects fit comfortably in your kitchen as it is? Adding more unnecessary space is not only more expensive, but it can also decrease re-sale value.

Your House is Speaking to You…Listen To It!

During the custom home remodeling process, your house will be shouting at you and you must make sure to listen to it. It’s saying “Don’t put Corinthian columns in my Mediterranean Revival walkway!” Style exists, whether we recognize it or not. It’s the simplest law of the universe: harmony, not dissonance. Light with dark, stripes with solids, etc. Our job is to not only recognize style, but to also adapt to it.