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Boca Raton has earned a reputation for its luxury homes in Palm Beach County. Both South Florida natives and second home owners alike appreciate the citywide style and elegance. From the lush and pastoral ranches that abound west of Route 441 to the high-rise condominiums overlooking the magnificent skyline, all Boca Raton custom home building evokes quality and craftsmanship.

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At the heart of Boca Raton luxury home building is a rich legacy that CCM lives up to with every project. Beneath the custom home building cityscape is the pioneering work of the 20th century’s most famous developer, Addison Mizner. Resorts, clubs, and dozens of custom luxury homes display his pioneering styles: Spanish Colonial Revival and Mediterranean Revival. With hard work, decades of experience, and craftsmanship that is second to none, CCM carries on the Mizner tradition of Boca Raton luxury home building.

Boca Raton Custom Home Building | Pre-Design & Pre-Construction

As the premier Boca Raton custom home builders, CCM maintains a core value of customer satisfaction. Above all, we strive to use every resource at our disposal to turn your dream into a reality. We approach every project on a very personal level, ensuring that you are actively involved to any degree you desire. With your creative vision and our superior custom home building expertise, the sky is the limit!

Throughout our decades spent as Boca Raton custom home builders, we have built up valuable relationships in order to give you the finest luxury home building service. During the pre-design process, we determine with you each component of your new home. Then, we collaborate with our partners in municipal governments and utilities. Each individual we bring into our project serves their valuable function, whether it be permits, electrical engineering design, or LEED certification if environmental efficiency is desired.

Boca Raton Custom Home Building | Construction & Management

Once we have set out the design, estimates, and scheduling, the pre-construction phase is complete and we proceed with custom home building immediately. With every brick, nail, and board, we implement a small piece of your new magnificent luxury home.

Teamwork and communication remain the core of CCM’s construction management process. We keep you updated on all the details and schedules, and ensure efficiency and cost containment through our weekly progress meetings. Our construction manager will even place on-site cameras if you are out of town and wish to observe the progress of your soon-to-be luxury home!

Boca Raton Custom Home Additions | Home Maintenance Services

Once your project is completed, our Boca Raton custom home building work continues through our home maintenance services. We have earned a reputation for dedication and care by always scheduling post-completion maintenance for you. Should you desire exterior custom home construction to compliment your interior, CCM is happy to install pavement hardscapes, patios, outside residential areas, additions and more! Look no further than CCM for Boca Raton custom home building services! Call 561.436.3679 today!

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