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custom paving with pavement stone hardscapeSouth Florida Custom Paving

Complete Construction and Management has provided area customers with luxurious pavement in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami Beach.  With high quality craftsmanship and detail in all of our hardscape instillations and custom paving projects since we opened our doors. It seems that now more than ever, homeowners want to enhance their outdoor living space by employing custom home construction techniques such as bringing the kitchen outside. We have the experience and dedication to help our clients design the living space of their dreams. CCM specializes in residential patios, outdoor paving, walls, stairs and outdoor kitchen installation. We have the resources to take care of projects of any size from start to finish. Give us a call for a free custom home construction estimate: 561.436.3679.

South Florida Custom Paving Locations:

Freestanding Walls and Segmental Retaining Walls:

Our experience in South Florida pavement hardscaping using fabricated interlocking concrete block has allowed us to become a top competitor in custom paving, custom home construction, and electrical engineering design. Today’s concrete technology is more advanced than ever before, and home maintenance services play a much different role today than they did in the past. Concrete retaining walls have become a landscaping necessity, and provide a shockingly wide array of functionalities. Even better – they are made from readily available, environmentally safe materials.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Driveways, Walks and Patios:

Our highly experienced and certified staff offers a wide range of concrete paver instillations, inclusive of pre-design and pre-construction sessions in order to make sure we are building exactly what you envision. We take great measures to discuss the project with our customers so that they are assured that the project of their choice will be a well-valued investment. Interlocking concrete pavers can be used in a variety of applications such asdrivewayspatioswalkssteps and parking lots. Whether the site requires long term high-traffic vehicular paving or simply pedestrian traffic paving, we can and will put our custom paving skills to use in order to provide you with the best service in South Florida.

Natural Stonework, Veneer, Aggregate Driveways and Rock Gardens:

Our experience with custom home construction incorporating natural stone allows us to provide a wide range of design features. While stones can of course be incorporated with plantings for a traditional garden setting, they can also be added to a site to create a unique and interesting focal point. We offer a large selection of fieldstones, building stones and veneer products. With the use of natural stone we can add that special touch to a particular project meanwhile enhancing the natural beauty that stonework provides.

Retaining Walls and Patios:

Beautiful driveway paved with stones

Retaining walls are frequently a “lay-of-the-land” necessity. The contour of the land often dictates when a retaining wall will need to be part of the landscape. The segmental retaining wall system has been a mainstay in the industry for years. Various sizes, colors and styles are now on the market, enhancing the appearance of a one “industrial-looking” wall. We offer our clients as many retaining wall choices as possible. Segmental retaining wall systems require installation by experienced personnel, and in many cases some electrical engineering design is additionally required. Hiring a professional and experienced company to do such advanced work is a must!

Today’s family lifestyle calls for more outdoor enjoyment, and a custom-built patio will add outdoor living space for any occasion. Similar to retaining wall building materials, patio materials have seen many improvements in both style and selection. Concrete and clay custom pavers offer various shape, style and color combinations to suite just about any desired effect. There are virtually no limits to size and shape of patios, walkways, entryways and driveways when building with brick pavers. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Why Choose Our Custom Pavers:

            Update your existing hardscapes and enjoy the value of the following benefits:

  • Won’t crack or break
  • Add beauty and curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Lifetime product guarantee
  • Dozens of colors and patterns
  • Custom design to complement your home
  • Price comparable to stamped concrete
  • Quick and efficient instillation process

Paving Stones vs The Competition

Concrete, asphalt and stamped concrete are all prone to cracking and fading. Paving stones from Tuscany Pavers will add lasting value and beauty to your home with a life time guarantee against cracking.

Steps in a Paver Instillation:

  • Removal of existing surface
  • Excavation of soil
  • Set grades of drainage
  • Instillation of class II base to a depth of 4” for vehicles and 2” for pedestrians
  • Spread 1” of bedding sand
  • Paving stones are placed in their desired pattern
  • A bored is placed around the entire perimeter. A concrete bond beam (footing) is used when we need to provide and edge restraint in soft-scape areas.
  • A plate vibrator is passed over the paving stones forcing them down in to the bedding sand. Sand is pushed up between the paving stones and the system now begins to interlock.
  • Ready to use when finished – no wait time!

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