Boynton Beach Custom Home Building

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Boynton Beach is the essential South Florida beach town, complete with palm trees, boardwalks, and intracoastal waterways. Up and down Route A1A, one can marvel at the beauty of custom built luxury homes the shoreline boasts of. For any of your Boynton Beach custom home building dreams, CCM is here to fill your heart’s desire.

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CCM is your one stop shop for luxury home building in Boynton Beach. With hard work and quality craftsmanship, we are here to take care of every custom home building component. Whether it’s design, hardscapes and pavers, or remodeling, CCM guarantees to transform any project into the luxury home of your dreams.

Boynton Beach Custom Home Building | Pre-Design

The core of our custom home building philosophy is customer satisfaction. We don’t just offer luxury home building services. We offer Boynton Beach custom home building services that are personalized to meet your utmost satisfaction. Your project is as customized as you wish, down to every fine detail. Together with our decades of expertise as custom home builders, your vision will become a reality.

Over 20 years as award-winning Boynton Beach custom home builders gives us the tools to expedite your custom home construction. Our valued relationships with local officials allows us to obtain permits and certifications effortlessly. We collaborate with local utility providers to draw up plans, electrical engineering design and LEED certification, if environmental efficiency is desired

Boynton Beach Custom Home Building | Construction & Management

After carefully reviewing your design, the pre-construction phase is over and we immediately execute the fundamentals of custom home building: construction and management. Piece by piece, we help you realize the designs that have been laid out. Weekly progress meetings held by our construction management team keeps everyone up to date and on schedule while containing costs.

As both a licensed and insured Boynton Beach custom home builder, CCM guarantees its financial responsibility, professionalism, and the quality of our work. Our credentials are bona fide with regards to state and local licensing boards, and you will never have to worry about hidden or unexpected costs from property damage, workman’s compensation, etc. At CCM, we take pride in the integrity of our craft, which is second to none in the luxury home construction industry.

Boynton Beach Custom Home Building | Home Maintenance Services

A luxury home builder can take you through design, construction and management, but CCM goes above and beyond by immediately helping you to schedule routine maintenance after we complete your project. We want to not only assure you that we are dedicated to your luxury and comfort, but also that CCM is here for any of your custom home construction needs. Whether you want to pave your walkway with hardscapes, install a patio in your backyard, or renovate your interior, look no further than CCM for all your Boynton Beach custom home building needs. Call 561.436.3679 today!