West Palm Beach Custom Home Building

Custom Luxury Home Builders of Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is the oldest city in Palm Beach County, boasting a rich history of extravagant luxury home construction. From CityPlace to the historic neighborhoods of Central Park and El Cid, West Palm Beach custom home building decorates the entire cityscape.

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CCM is your one stop shop for all your West Palm Beach custom home building and custom paving needs. For over 20 years, we have served as the premier West Palm Beach custom home builders, constructing luxury homes that have been featured in both national and local media. Our custom home construction philosophy is simple: if you can dream of it, we will build it!

West Palm Beach Custom Home Building | Design & Pre-Design

As West Palm Beach custom home builders, we serve to fulfill any and all of your luxury home desires. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, so we make sure to maintain communication and manage your expectations while executing your project thoroughly and efficiently.

Pre-Construction Collaboration With Local Partners

Our decades of experience in West Palm Beach custom home construction have built up valuable relationships that will expedite your luxury home building. After we establish estimates for cost and scheduling, we obtain your permits and certifications from all the proper channels. Then, we collaborate with utility services to determine and design your amenities, from gas and lighting to LEED certification if green construction is desired.

West Palm Beach Luxury Home Building Styles

Experience also gives us an intimate knowledge of West Palm Beach architectural traditions. There is the simple elegance of Colonial Revival, the ornate balconies and pillars of Neoclassical Revival, and the exotic stuccos and plasters of Spanish Colonial Revival. Within these, there are dozens of sources of inspiration for your West Palm Beach custom home building project!

West Palm Beach Custom Home Building | Construction & Management

When we have established every fine detail of your luxury home construction, we begin custom home building with the same diligence. Each nail, sheetrock, and layer of brick, is one more crucial component of your dream luxury home. With flow charts and weekly construction meetings, we make sure both you and our construction management team are updated on costs and progress. We are so committed to your satisfaction that our construction manager will even install on-site cameras if you leave town!

West Palm Beach Custom Home Building | Home Maintenance Services

We want to make sure everything in your completed custom home is running smoothly. That’s why CCM goes the extra mile and makes sure to schedule you for our home maintenance services after your project is done. If your custom home construction is to your satisfaction, then don’t hesitate to turn to CCM for any other luxury home building needs. Whether you want remodeling, luxury renovations or some pavers and hardscapes to beautify your exterior, we will be happy to take care of you! Call 561.436.3679 today!