Delray Beach Custom Paving

Luxury Home Pavers In Palm Beach

Since our humble beginnings, Complete Construction and Management has served Delray Beach custom paving with quality and craftsmanship that are second to none. Luxury home owners in Delray Beach know the professionalism and keen attention to detail that comes with hiring the number one Delray Beach custom pavers.

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Over 20 years of award-winning custom paving have made CCM the premier Delray Beach custom paving service. Whether you’ve just completed custom home construction or you’re looking to remodel or update your exterior landscape, CCM has the experience and the resources to turn your custom paving dreams into a reality.

Delray Beach Custom Paving for Your Custom Home

Only with CCM do you get a truly customized custom paving experience. Maintaining our core principle of customer satisfaction, we believe Delray Beach custom paving should serve you and your desires. Only you have the creative vision of what exactly your hardscapes and pavers will be. With our expertise, superior craftsmanship, and a wide variety of hardscape pavers at your disposal, we guarantee to realize that vision for you in front of your eyes!

The Process of Delray Beach Custom Paving

Our pre-design and pre-construction phase revolves around you and what you desire. With each minor detail established, we proceed to excavate soil to create space for your new pavers. After taking care of drainage, we install a base with a depth that corresponds to function (e.g. 4” for vehicles, 2” for people). We then coat sand over the base and install your custom pavers with the desired style. Once we press the stones into the sand bedding, your custom paving is complete and immediately ready for use!

Our Delray Beach Custom Paving Services

CCM offers a wide range of Delray Beach custom paving services, from wall installations to driveways and walkways to outdoor kitchen installations. For each paver installation, we utilize Tuscany paving stones. Our pavers go above and beyond the competition of concrete and asphalt, guaranteeing a lifetime without any cracks or damage! With a custom paving design to beautify your home, you will see your landscape transform and add priceless value to your luxury home! For the finest Delray Beach custom paving, call CCM at 561.436.3679 today!