Roof Leak Repairs & Troubleshooting Tips

Roof Leak Repair

Few things in life are more frustrating than roof leaks. And given South Florida’s status as the rain and hurricane capital of the nation, few homeowners have yet to experience this headache. The good news is that roof leak repairs are simple to get through. With the proper guidance, you can troubleshoot your way through almost any leak and fix it on your own.

Roof Leak Repairs 101

There are any number of reasons your roof may be leaking: improper installations, mage that has remained hidden or neglected for too long, etc. Nevertheless, the problem will usually boil down to a single issue in 9 out of 10 cases: flashing.

Flashing & Roof Leak Repairs

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “flashing” is the primary form of waterproofing roofs. A flashing material (be it aluminum, steel or another metal) is installed in certain areas, such as seams and joints in the roofing, where water naturally flows toward. In so doing, flashing deflects the runoff and prevents leaks. Flashing that is not installed or maintained correctly is usually the prime suspect in a case of a leaking roof.

Troubleshooting Roof Leaks Repairs

You will want to identify the exact source of defective flashing on your roof, which can be any number of the following points.


A prime indication that your chimney’s flashing needs repair is when water stains are concentrated on the ceiling but away from the walls. The problem may be that:

  • The flashing material has been dented or bent
  • The metal has begun to rust
  • Your roof itself may have a loose brick

Roof Valley

As mentioned before, water naturally gravitates toward the vertex of downward sloping planes. If you notice the leak on your ceiling below a valley, then it should be the focus of your roof leak repair. You should make sure the underlayment of your valley’s flashing is properly overlapped by higher flashing (check with the manufacturer for specific measurements). Also, ensure that the underlayment was not installed too closely to the valley itself.


Some houses also have plumbing vents installed on their roofs. If you do, make sure the vents are properly flashed with rubber or metal. If lack any flashing on your vents, then make sure you hire a professional contractor to install on for you.